Japanese Music Introduction “toe”

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toe is a Japanese post rock band that has been active since around 2000. It is one of my favorite bands. It consists of a standard 4 person formation. Fantastic music and certain playing techniques attract the audience. It is a band that you can enjoy even if you look at a passionate live.

More than anything, their achievement has been to bring contemporary Japanese rock fans like singing songs to the Instrumental genre familiar and to greatly influence the later rock bands.

“Invention of loneliness” [孤独の発明]

“Ethoteric” [エソテリック]

They have performed numerous live performances and is also regular at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. As music activities they are not likely to be inconvenient. However, each member has another job. This attitude to music is my favorite thing. I want to continue doing what I want to do. I want to do various things.

“Goodbye” [グッドバイ]

This video is no longer a legendary live. Asako Toki’s(土岐麻子) vocals are also very good.

Since there are also many activities abroad, please watch those who are interested.