Marumiya Furikake Bonito

Japanese taste “Dashi”

What is it to remember being said as the taste of Japan? Probably many people think “soy sauce”. Indeed, the taste’s decisive factor is often soy sauce or miso. However, it is definitely “Dashi” that supports the base of Japanese taste. Dashi is a soup with extracts such as kelp, Kezuribushi, shiitake mushrooms. Especially the standard is called “Ichiban dashi”. It is a soup that boiled kelp and Kezuribushi, and has been loved by many Japanese dishes such as simmered dishes and miso soup.

Bonito and Katsuobushi

“Dashi” to be the basis of Japanese food. Kezuribushi used to it. This Kezuribushi is made from, such as mackerel and tuna, but mainly is made from bonito. It is called a “Katsuobushi” the Kezuribushi made from bonito. Katsuobushi is often used for Dashi, of course. In addition to sprinkling stir fry and simmered dishes, Okonomiyaki* etc.

 I like sprinkling Katsuobushi on hot rice and then putting soy sauce on top of it, “Okaka rice” is my favorite. In addition, if miso soup and oshinko (Japanese pickle) are attached, it is full mark.

Okonomiyaki* … Use your favorite ingredients such as vegetables, meat, fish and shellfish as a dough made from water-milk wheat flour, bake it on an iron plate, eat with seasoning such as sauce, mayonnaise and aonori seaweed.

Bonito and Japanese

The major way of eating as well as katsuobushi, there is a “Tataki” of bonito. Japanese like sashimi. In contrast, bonito is easy to rot. So sear the surface with fire from above the skin, cool with ice water, eat it as sashimi with plenty of spices and sauces such as ginger and green onion for poisoning. You can enjoy the difference in tactile sensation between the inner raw part and the outer roasted part, the flavor is also darker and the compatibility with the condiment is outstanding.

Bonito cuisine is unique in every part of Japan. Sometimes heads, bones and Chiai* have also been loved as fisherman’s meal. In the present age, there are also changes in fishery, It seems that bonito parts that Japanese people do not eat as well. However, there is no doubt that bonito and Japanese are closely related.

Chiai* … Fish meat of bloody color

Bonito furikake

As you can see in the story of ‘Okaka rice’, bonito and rice are preeminent. It is also inevitably become a furikake. In fact, bonito flavor is also handled by each furikake manufacturer. Also bonito is often used for furikake of other flavors. You can understand if you look at the raw material name. That’s all it is about the taste of Japan.

Recommended Recipes

Basically, anything goes well with rice. Personally recommended is the hidden taste of hamburgers and meatball. Bonito will get used to the taste enhancing role, so the taste of meat will also be delicious. Since there is a taste of furikake, please do well to adjust the salt.

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