Hi everyone! Do you like Japanese food? Sushi, Sukiyaki, Udon, Soba, ramen etc..

Have you ever tried eating “Furikake”? It is nutritious and healthy food.

Basically, Sprinkle “Furikake” on top of rice. I think that it is a mistake, to translate “Furikake” as seasoning.

”Furikake” is not a seasoning.It is a nutritious health food.

The history of “Furikake” is old and can go back to the Kamakura period.(1185~1338) But contemporary style “Furikake” is said to be devised by several companies from the Taisho era to the early Showa era for the purpose of delicious nutrition.

In the industry association’s “nationwide Furikake association”, “Gohan no Tomo” sold in Kumamoto Prefecture is certified as the original ancestor of Furikake.

Wikipedia describes about ”Furikake”.

The name at that time was called “friend of ○ ○”. The “nationwide sprinkling association” was established and the name “Furikake” was defined.

Now day, not only major companies in Japan, but many companies produce “Furikake”.

In this site, Let us introduced the characteristic “Furikake” of local areas and unique way of eating.