Citizenship of sprinkling in Japan

How about ask the Japanese. Have you eaten “FURIKAKE”? Perhaps, there are no Japanese who answer that they have not eaten “FURIKAKE”. 

It is commonplace for Japanese people that “FURIKAKE” is normal.

“Rice” and “FURIKAKE” are like as good brothers or couples .

Do you know what this picture is displaying? It is a special shelf where regular customers are keeping their “FURIKAKE”. Put “FURIKAKE” purchased in the service area. It is not a bottle keep of the bar, it is “FURIKAKE keeping”. 

“FURIKAKE” is installed on the table at the highway restaurant. Yes, we offer FURIKAKE for free.

It is “FURIKAKE” of local specialties. You can try it here and buy it at the kiosk.

It is not a prominent existence like ramen, sushi, sukiyaki, but it is troublesome without “FURIKAKE”. 

As you go to supermarkets in Japan, grocery items, convenience stores

You can meet the 100% “FURIKAKE” sales corner.

Yes, “FURIKAKE” is common for Japanese people.