Japanese food introduction Oyako-don 親子丼


What is Oyako-don?

Oyako-don is made of “Oya” = “parent (chicken)” and “Ko” = “child (egg)” together “don” = “bowl”. Simmer with dashi and soy sauce, sake etc with chicken and onion. Finally we bind it with melting eggs and put it on top of the rice.

Oyako-don history

Oyako-don is said to be born the “Tamahide” shop in Nihonbashi. At that time, there was a customer who cooked with eggs at the end of Shamo-nabe. It is said that what it put on rice is the beginning.

“Tamahide” 「玉ひで」


Oyako-don at home

I think Japanese people like eggs. It is a famous story to eat raw eggs with rice. Oyako-don is also well made in Japanese families. In Kanto, soy sauce and mirin are deep and sweet and salty. On the other hand, Kansai is a delicious seasoning based on dashi. Since I am a Kanto person, of course, I like the strong taste.


There are “Tanin-don(other people)” that eat beef and pork with eggs. In addition to that, there are also salmon and ikura(Salmon roe) “Seafood Oyako-don”.Well how to choose words is strange, but everything is delicious. If there is opportunity please relish.

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