Mishima Yukari with plum

Umeboshi grandmother

Do you like sour?

Speaking of sour foods, what do you think of? Vinegar? Lemon? Oh, Just thought it was sour… Speaking of sour beings representative of Japan, it is “Umeboshi.” Umeboshi is something that we sunbed after salted the plum fruit. It is used for various dishes such as rice balls and lunch boxes.

Every year my grandmother was “Umeboshi grandmother” who pickled Umeboshi. Umeboshi made by her was very sour. I got used to it. Therefore, I do not accept marketed “sweet” umeboshi much.

I also let me feel a sour taste, I can understand “Yukari” is.

Umeboshi, red shiso and Mishima food

At the time of 1970, Mishima Foods focused on red shiso for coloring Umeboshi, it seems that they repeatedly developed to Furikake using this. And this sticking to red shiso is amazing. Because they were so committed, Mishima Foods has independently developed a new varieties of red shiso named “Houka”. “Houka” and other selected good quality varieties also satisfy the following conditions.

  1. The same fresh scent as blue shiso
  2. Dark vivid purple
  3. Stems are thin, leaves are crepe and soft

Because there are so many commitments, Yukari has long been loved products.

About allergy

Because Furikake is a mixed seasoning, it is difficult to pick up with people who are allergic by all means. I also have some food allergies. I am allergic to sprouts. It is unusual. I will lose to bean sprouts.

The number of items is small compared to other Furikake when you look at the raw materials that are being used. Wheat and eggs etc are not used, so it is nice for those with such allergies. In order to take advantage of its red shiso flavor, there is no extra thing in it. I can feel the attention to red shiso here as well.

Recommended Recipes

Let’s steam a little if you mix it with rice or pasta. Crispy plum becomes soft and moderate feeling becomes. Of course, if you like crispness, please adjust according to your preference.

Also, recommended is quick pickled vegetable. Put cucumber and cabbage and Yukari in a plastic bag, just rub it and leave it for 30 minutes. It is healthy and tasty. Try it!

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